Finally, you can acquire the best professional development in webinar design, presentations,  planning, and marketing. Webinars are a popular format for delivering information. They can be very successful for your organization, IF you have good webinar presentations and good management and marketing.  Discover the power of successful webinars for your business organization.  Then learn the 4 key strategies to make your webinars more successful.  Acquire techniques and tips that will make your webinars winners with your audiences.  Then acquire the webinar planning skills involved in budgeting, pricing, and marketing webinar meetings. Take back a certificate in designing webinars that provides you with the latest and best information about presenting webinars, as well as managing and marketing them. You will be learning from two of the foremost authorities on webinars.

CEUs/ILUs: 3.2
Length (in hours): 32
Price in USD $345.00

Hear from our past students

Exactly what I was looking for.  Bravo!!
- Veronica Perry
(Designing Successful Webinars)
I enjoy the format and the ability to learn and ask questions on my time. Responses come back quickly from the instructor and the quizzes are good refreshers.
- Chris Beck
(Managing & Marketing Webinars)
Definitely engaging, appealing to different types of learners with the readings, slides & audio, and discussion board.
- Kat Cannella
(Designing Successful Webinars)

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Designing Successful Webinars

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Managing & Marketing Webinars

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