Discover win-win tips on communicating with programmers to make your project go more smoothly and efficiently. Just one tip may make the difference between a timeline being met or misunderstanding being clarified. Every occupation has some unique characteristics, terms, approaches, ways of thinking and professional motivations.  Come away with strategies for communicating  with your techie, consultant or tech team for a win-win working relationship. 

CEUs/ILUs: 1.6
Length (in hours): 16
Price in USD $245.00
Price in CAD $265.00


Unit 1

Speaking their language

  • How techies communicate with non-techies
  • Some terms to use
  • The 3 things techies care about most

Unit 2

Communication Strategies

  • When things go wrong
  • Working out problems
  • Holding meetings with your techie/s

Unit 3

Understanding the techie brain

  • Myths about nerds and techies
  • Brain neurology common to the highly visual, spatially adept
  • Communication strengths and weaknesses common to techies

Unit 4

Intrinsic rewards for programmers

  • Motivations
  • That sense of achievement
  • What many techies fear most
  • Complimenting and appreciating your techie