Discover how to write powerful SQL queries that enable you to retrieve data from one table or from multiple tables stored in the database simultaneously. In this course, you will learn how to retrieve more meaningful data from one or more tables stored in a database. You will learn how to merge data from multiple columns, how to create calculated fields, and how to order and group the results from a query. You will also learn how to create a single join query or subquery to obtain data from multiple tables simultaneously.
Students should have a competency in the Introductory level of SQL

CEUs/ILUs: 1.6
Length (in hours): 16
Price in USD $245.00
Price in CAD $329.00


Unit 5

Creating Calculated Fields and using Aggregate Functions

  • Structured Query Language Review
  • Creating calculated fields
  • Concatenating  columns
  • Using aggregate functions

Unit 6

Using Clauses in Structured Query Language

  • Using the ORDER BY clause
  • Using the GROUP BY clause
  • Using the GROUP BY clause and WHERE clause
  • Using the HAVING clause

Unit 7

Creating Table Joins

  • Creating Inner joins
  • Creating Outer joins
  • Creating Self joins

Unit 8

Creating Subqueries

  • Creating subqueries
  • Creating subqueries that contain calculated fields
  • Creating subqueries that contain aggregate functions

Hear from our past students

Easy to follow explanations and assignments.
- Micaela G

I really enjoyed this class and feel like it built on the material that I learned in the Intro class. Cecelia does a great job at providing examples for complicated queries that are easy to understand. I am looking forward to taking the Advanced class in August.

- Jason S
I was able to learn alot during the four weeks. The practice queries helped clarify what I had trouble with, and it all makes sense now. Can't wait to take the next class and apply the info learned in work.
- Jake

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