Discover advanced and new best practices in marketing, the changing field that now integrates traditional print marketing with digital marketing for even greater marketing success. Young generations are embracing print as well as online media, creating this exciting new area of marketing.

Gain advanced marketing concepts and principles such as R, F, & M analysis; AIDA, and the 3-30-3 principle, that lead directly to practical marketing success. Learn the secrets of writing marketing copy, including easy steps in editing. Acquire the understanding of how digital marketing and print complement and enhance each other, and how to integrate both kinds of marketing for even greater overall effectiveness.  
Start any month. Come away with a new marketing expertise to make your value in the workplace even stronger. 

CEUs/ILUs: 4.8
Length (in hours): 48
Price in USD $495.00
Price in CAD $665.00

Course schedule

Advanced Marketing Concepts

  • Sep 3 – 28

Integrated Marketing Best Practices

  • Aug 5 – 30
  • Nov 4 – 29

Writing Marketing Copy

  • Oct 7 – Nov 1