Good grammar doesn't make good writing, but good writing demands good grammar. Whether you're a student or a professional, a career changer or a job seeker, this comprehensive program will guide you through the linguistic twists and turns of English grammar and equip you to write more effectively from day one. 
The first course covers the basics of grammar at the word level, including parts of speech and commonly confused words. In the second course, you'll learn about grammar at the sentence level, from fragments to run-ons. In the third course, you'll focus on the finer points of capitalization and punctuation, as well as advanced concepts like parallelism and agreement. 
The grammar knowledge you'll gain from this certificate applies to whatever kind of writing you do now or aspire to create in the future. Everything you learn will elevate your communication skills and help you polish and edit your writing.
This Certificate must be taken in the below order:
- Word Level Grammar
- Sentence Level Grammar
- Refining Your Writing

CEUs/ILUs: 4.8
Length (in hours): 48
Price in USD $295.00
Price in CAD $395.00

Course schedule

Word Level Grammar

  • -Coming soon-

Sentence Level Grammar

  • -Coming soon-

Refining Your Writing

  • Nov 1 – 26