Discover the keys to communicating with and managing remote workers, one of the fastest growing sectors of the workforce.  
Some 80% of employers are keeping some or many of their employees working from home part of the week. People working from home are 25% more productive than those who work in an office. Working from home is here to stay.
Tap into the experience of a CEO who has been managing remote workers for 22 years. He has pioneered the fundamental processes and procedures you won’t get anywhere else. And consulted with organizations around North America on managing remote workers.
Two one-month courses.

CEUs/ILUs: 3.2
Length (in hours): 32
Price in USD $395.00
Price in CAD $529.00

Course schedule

Managing Remote Workers

  • May 1 – 26
  • Jul 4 – 28
  • Oct 2 – 27

Remote Working and Communicating

  • Apr 3 – 28
  • Jun 5 – 30
  • Sep 5 – 29