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Have you ever wondered why Excel is one of the most powerful applications used today by many businesses? Excel is one of the most important applications that you can study now to take your skills to the next level!
This course will help you increase your efficiency by learning how to organize, display and calculate your data into useful information. Find out how you can consolidate your data proficiently into readable rows and columns using different table designs and styles. Create a unique style for yourself to improve your spreadsheet appearance to make the content easier to understand for your target audience. Learn from the trainer on how beneficial it is to become more productive in generating different everyday business functions. Discover how easily pivot tables can be created to quickly summarize large amounts of data. Through this course, these tasks will make your work outstanding and unique in what you do.

CEUs/ILUs: 1.6
Length (in hours): 16
Price in USD $195.00
Price in CAD $265.00

One Month Course


Unit 1

Organizing Worksheet and Table Data

  • Introduction to tables
  • Formatting tables using table styles
  • Using formulas in tables
  • Sorting and Filtering table data

Unit 2

Understanding Popular Excel Functions

  • Understanding Named Ranges
  • Applying business functions
  • Creating functions that handle text
  • Performing basic lookup functions
  • Creating functions that work with dates and times

Unit 3

Improving Worksheet Appearance

  • Formatting cells in worksheets
  • Correcting common function errors
  • Creating and using templates
  • Customizing Excel toolbar

Unit 4

Analyzing Data Using Data Validation and Pivot Tables

  • Understanding how to convert text to columns
  • Understanding how to analyze spreadsheet data 
  • Understanding the basic pivot table layout and key terms
  • Creating and formatting simple pivot tables

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