Acquire expertise in R,F & M Analysis. Understand the 80/20 Principle. Better know the impact of price on sales.
Take your knowledge of marketing to a new level. These concepts are what the best marketers use for designing marketing strategies that improve performance and return. Gaining these advanced marketing concepts will enable you to develop more effective marketing campaigns and results. 
Forget the fads, dump the buzz words. Come away with an advanced level of proven marketing knowledge you will start using on Monday morning, and every week thereafter. 

CEUs/ILUs: 1.6
Length (in hours): 16
Price in USD $195.00
Price in CAD $265.00


Unit 1

Analyzing Customer Purchasing and Demographics

  • R,F & M Analysis
  • Calculating Customer Lifetime Value
  • Key Demographics to collect, and why
  • The 80/20, AIDA, and 3-30-3 Principles

Unit 2

Pricing to Improve Profit Margins

  • Market pricing, price points and listing prices
  • Clustered versus diversified pricing
  • Price increase, and decrease, impact on sales
  • Raising prices: guidelines for when, and how

Unit 3

Your Seven Primary Market Segments

  • Boston Consulting Group’s Stars & Dogs
  • Repeat customers versus new customers
  • Determining your seven primary market segments
  • Strategic marketing by market segment

Unit 4

The Top 10 Advanced Marketing Concepts

  • The 5 marketing experts you need to know, and why
  • Researching marketing best practice
  • The best marketing books
  • The top ten advanced marketing concepts you must know

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