Whether you manage or lead people, collaborative skills are essential to help harness the energy of groups and teams for maximum performance and productivity. Knowledge of collaborative skills will enable you to gain participation quickly, get input and buy-in for building consensus and plan for cooperation to get crucial projects completed. This course will help you explore the principles of collaborative management and gain insight on how to expand your collaborative skills for success of your team or organization. 

CEUs/ILUs: 1.6
Length (in hours): 16
Price in USD $245.00
Price in CAD $329.00

One Month Course


Unit 1

Principles of collaboration in management

  • Defining principles of collaboration 
  • Emotions, self-mastery and collaboration 
  • Redirecting teams and group collaboration 
  • Conflict management and facilitation

Unit 2

Relationship building

  • Building relationships fundamentals 
  • Renegotiating failed relationships 
  • Managing collaborative potentials

Unit 3

Strategies to tap into group collaborative potential

  • Harnessing collaborative energy 
  • Responsible communication 
  • Managing collaboration for performance

Unit 4

Your action plan for collaborative management

  • Setting your management goals 
  • Identify and utilize collaborative resources 
  • Creating a collaborative management action plan

Next start date

Oct 7 – Nov 1